3 Tips for Losing Weight When You Have No Time

I’m going to share with you a few simple things you can implement into your everyday life that will help you to lose weight and feel your best. I know that as a busy lady, it can be hard to find time to work out and eat right, so what we’ll do today is go over some things that can help you overcome this obstacle.  

Aside from feeling sexy and accomplished, working out and eating right regularly will improve a whole host of things. From better sleep to better sex to a reduced chance for numerous diseases, living a healthy lifestyle will improve your entire body composition.  


Number 1: Wake Up Earlier 

Even if it’s just by 30 minutes, waking up earlier is a great way to ensure that your workout gets done for the day. A lot of times, we wake up with a great frame of mind and good intentions to go to the gym later in the day... and then life happens.  Waking up and getting your exercise done first thing makes sure that you get it done, no matter what comes up in your day.  While this may not be an option for you, I recommend at least giving it a shot. You never know if it’s just the kick in the rear you needed.  

BONUS: In my experience, gyms are almost always at their busiest during “rush hour.” Going in the mornings means less people to deal with at the gym and more freedom in your evenings to spend them as you so choose, all while feeling good because you know you spent time working on yourself in the AM.  


Number 2: Keep It Simple 

Have you ever Googled anything about weight loss and been met with hundreds of different claims, most of which contradict each other? While the internet has aided us in thousands of ways, it can also contribute to a lot of confusion when it comes to fitness. All it really comes down to is making small steps in the right direction and consuming less calories than you burn. Now, what does "Keep it Simple” actually mean? I mean that you don’t have to do a million hours of cardio, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym, and you don’t have to do fancy and dangerous looking exercises.  

Quick workouts are great, and they tend to work better because you don’t feel overwhelmed by the idea of going to the gym, meaning you’re more likely to stick with it longer. As little as 20 minutes is plenty, and anything more than an hour is often overkill.  

As far as the exercises? You don’t need to do a one-legged squat on a Bosu ball combined with an overhead press, or any other wacky exercises to have good results. Most of the time, your body is going to respond much better to the basics. Squats, planks, and push-ups are great examples of tried and true classic exercises that work most of your major muscles. Start off with the basics and build from there, or you’re going to get confused, overwhelmed, and, most likely, hurt. 


Number 3: Plan Ahead  

You just got off work. You’re hungry, you don’t have anything to eat at home. And then, off in the distance, you see it in all of its golden glory: The beautiful arches, positioned to look like a golden “M.” Your day brightens and your smile widens; This seemingly simple golden “M” over yonder means freedom from the stress of finding something in the back of your fridge, cooking it, and then cleaning up the mess. So you stop, you order a #7 with a Dr Pepper, light ice, and go home, eat it, and feel guilty and sick.  

We’ve all been there. This is why preparation is absolutely key, especially when it comes to nutrition. One day a week, set aside a few hours that you can spend planning for the week ahead. Make a meal plan with a coinciding grocery list. Pick up all of your items from your local grocery store, and then spend the next hour or two cooking everything all at once. Doing this saves time, money, and is just as convenient (if not more) as stopping and picking something up on your way home. All you have to do is grab your Tupperware out of the fridge!  

Some of my favorite ways to reduce the time I have to spend in the kitchen on my meal prep days are: 

  • Buying pre-cooked meat such as rotisserie chicken or cold steak or chicken that is bagged and ready to go. It’s slightly more expensive, but it saves me time and energy so it’s worth it to me. 

  • Using a Crock Pot. I got mine from Target for $30 and it’s what I use to cook my chicken most of the time. I just throw it in there with whatever seasoning I’m using for the week and I have chicken for an entire week 

  • Buying bagged and pre-washed lettuce. If I’ve planned on having salads for the week, I can just grab some lettuce out of the fridge and put it in a bowl. It’s quick, easy, and I get my nutrients in. No prep required.  

These are just a few things that I do to plan my meals ahead of time and make sure I always have something ready to go when I need to eat. Planning ahead like this will save you multiple hours throughout the week and is an excellent weight loss tool. If you can only do one thing on this list, I highly recommend it be this.  


Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. Face your obstacles head on and do what you have to to overcome them. This is your journey.  

Kelcy Anderson