How to Lose Weight When You Work a 9-5

If you’ve ever found yourself using the excuse that you don’t have time to lose weight because you work full time, this is the time to say goodbye to your excuse, and say hello to permanent weight loss. You don’t really have time for anything in this life. You prioritize what is important to you, and then you make time for those priorities. If weight loss is not as high of a priority as something else in your life, you simply won’t make time for it. If it is, and you want to learn how to make it easier on yourself, read on.

  • Prepare Ahead

There are several different meanings for this, but there are two that I want to focus on here; preparing your items and preparing your workouts.

Preparing your items: If you work out in the mornings, you should have everything you need for your workout laid out and ready to go. Your gym clothes should be ready to put on, your water should be full and in the fridge, your keys should be next to your gym bag. Don’t waste your precious morning hours and don’t expect your fumbling 5 AM brain to be able to remember where you put your keys when you got home the night before. If you work out after work, your gym bag should be packed and ready to go with all of your essentials.

Preparing your workouts: You should walk into the gym knowing what you’ll be doing that day. Whether that is prepared by a personal trainer, or whether you decide to prescribe your own workouts, you should know what you’ll be doing it and for how long. It’s easy to walk into the gym to “wing it” but you’ll likely have a lot of wasted time trying to find machines and exercises that you want to do that day.

  • Maximize Your Time

If you only have 30 minutes a day to work out, those 30 minutes should be used effectively. Incorporating HIIT workouts, circuits, supersets, and doing full body workouts are great tools for maximizing your time in the gym. Figure out what works for you and devote yourself to figuring out ways to make the most of your time, otherwise you’ll find yourself far less motivated and not seeing the results you would like to.

  • Bring Snacks to Work

It’s likely that you’re going to get hungry during the work day. To help keep yourself from being miserable or eating the doughnuts in the break room, bring some snacks that fit into your nutrition goals for yourself and that are easy to eat when you don’t have much time. Find things you enjoy and that are easy to eat when you’re on a time crunch.

  • Meal Prep

It only takes a few hours one day a week to plan, shop, and prepare all of your meals ahead of time. Who wants to cook dinner and then clean it up every night after working an 8 hour shift? Meal prepping helps you avoid getting dinner out when you’re too tired to cook, and saves you time throughout the week.

  • Put it in Your Calendar

Schedule your workouts like you would schedule anything else. Figure out when you can realistically set aside time to workout, and then schedule it. You wouldn’t cancel on somebody else, why would you cancel on yourself?

  • Make the Decision

Decide right now that you are ready to lose weight and that you will do it. Figure out your common excuses and decide not to use them anymore. Become the fit person you want to be and then watch as the magic happens. Act and think like a fit person before you have lost any weight, and the weight will fall off. Try and think about it; would a fit person skip their workout in favor of a little extra sleep? Would a fit person eat dinner out or would they suck it up and eat what they had planned? Decide you’re fit and become fit.

  • Change Your Thinking

There’s a quote going around Pinterest that says, “Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time’ try saying ‘it’s not a priority’ and see how that feels.” Anything you really want, you will make time to do. Decide it’s a priority for you, and then prioritize it!

Kelcy Anderson