Kelcy Marie Fitness

Online Coaching

My goal is to help 20-35 year old women take back control of their weight and health. I provide all the resources you need to reach your goals, without having to sacrifice your sanity.


Here’s How It Works

Once you fill out the application below, I’ll review it and send you a link for a 30 minute video consultation. This is where we go over your goals and I go over your movement patterns to check for imbalances and potential injury points. During this call, I will send you the sign up link that you can fill out while we’re on the call, or mull it over if you still need some decision making time.

After that, it’s all about reaching your goals! Within 48 hours of you signing up, you’ll have your customized workout and macros, and full advantage of unlimited email support and video chats as needed.


All plans come with all the tools you need to reach your goals. This includes:

  • Initial Guided Movement Screening with Bi-monthly Follow Ups to Track your Progress

  • Custom Program Design*

  • Custom Macros

  • Explanation of Macros and How to Count Them

  • Twice Weekly Email Tips Covering a Broad Range of Topics Related to Your Health and Fitness

  • Weekly Video Check-Ins

  • Unlimited Email Support

*All programs are made in a free app that you can download and take with you to the gym or use at home. They include video demonstrations of all exercises prescribed.

I have multiple packages available ranging from $150-$200 monthly. Once we hop on a video call and decide we’re a great fit, you can decide which package works best for you.

Please fill out the application below if you’re ready to get started.

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Need More Information?

Click the link below to schedule a free video consultation, where we go over a guided movement screening, talk about your goals and fitness history, and go over your questions and concerns.